Questions About Your Diagnosis

□  Have we confirmed that I have PAH?
□  What is the cause of my PAH?
□ Are there any unique complicating factors that make my condition different from others with PAH?
□ How advanced is my disease?
□ How would you grade the severity of my PAH – mild, moderate, or severe?
□ Do I need a lung transplant, or will I need one in the future?
□ Where can I find reliable info about PAH and its treatment?

Questions About Your Treatment

□ What are the goals of my treatment plan? What can I realistically accomplish?
□ What medicines do you recommend I take and why? What are the pros and cons?
□ Do I need to take blood thinners?
□ How is each medication delivered (pill, inhaled, intravenous, subcutaneous)?
□ How frequently will I need to take each medicine?
□ What are the possible side effects?
□ Are there medications I should avoid?
□ Does this medication have any interactions with other medications I take?
□ What kind of monitoring is required, both for medications and the progress of my disease?
□ Where can I get more information about these medications?
□ How do I get my medications and re lls?
□ What therapies do you recommend?
□ Is an exercise program appropriate?
□ Would I benefit from pulmonary rehab?
□ Are there any new exercises or treatments?
□ Do I need oxygen therapy?
□ How is oxygen therapy used?
□ What should I do if I have an emergency?

Questions About Your Lifestyle

□ Will I be able to go back to work?
□ Can I drive?
□ How much daily exertion can I take?
□ Can I do housework?
□ Can I lift up my children?
□ Is it safe for me to travel?
□ What changes do you recommend to my diet and nutrition?
□ Do I need to reduce salt in my diet? How can I do that?
□ Are there patient support groups in my area? Which do you recommend?
□ Are there support groups for my family and caregivers? Which do you recommend?
□ Can I take medication for depression and/or anxiety?

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