phaware unites the global community. Our international exposure allows for a multitude of funding and research opportunities to reach an activated worldwide audience. Our focus is to inform and educate the masses using impactful and innovative methods. Harnessing the power of social and mass media marketing, phaware leads the PH awareness effort and continues to take pulmonary hypertension from “rare to everywhere!”


We generated nearly $5 million dollars worth of gifted advertising in 2014. In addition, #phaware made more than 30 million social impressions across RareDiseaseDay, PH Awareness Month and World PH Day. Capitalizing on our unprecedented national and global awareness efforts, phaware continues to discover recently diagnosed and undiagnosed patients, connect medical professionals, educate the general population, enlighten new investors and supporters, inform congressional leaders, and activate government and industry decision makers.

Mitchell Levy, Chief Aha Instigator @HappyAbout with co-host Kami Huyse, CEO of Zoetica Media @kamichat with guest Steve Van Wormer, Co-Founder & President, of phaware @phaware. This episode focuses on cause marketing and how phaware is raising global PH awareness.

If we capture a single patient... if we save one life...
what will it be worth?
— Steve Van Wormer, phaware Co-Founder


phaware strives to make the reality, a day when no PH patient goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Our goal is to reach and discover patients, medical professionals, donors and supporters. We hope to extend our reach by putting our initiatives across any screen - anywhere: pharmacies, supermarket checkouts, gas station TVs, ATMs, hospital and pediatrician TVs, sport arena jumbotrons, billboards and beyond.

This exposure will allow us to tell patient stories in ways never before imagined. This opportunity will be the catalyst to create greater impact on the discourse of healthcare and disease prevention no only in this country, but across the globe and bring activated individuals into the fold to help forge a new course to a cure.