At the age of three, Maleen Fischer was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and, as there was no treatment for this fatal disease at the time in Austria, the doctors sent her home. Her life expectancy was only a few years. 

Since this initial diagnosis, Maleen has battled this disease every day of her life with amazing courage and resilience. Few people around the world suffer from pulmonary hypertension; thus, researching a cure for this disease would not be an important endeavor for science. A small bag that she always carries at her hips pumps medication directly into her heart via a cathether every 30 seconds - it is the reason she is still alive today. In As If There Were No Tomorrow, this fascinating 18-year-old young woman tells her story for the first time. Maleen’s inspirational message: “Every person’s life and fate has positive aspects. You only have to search for them.”

A Happy Childhood

With Energy and Joy in the Future

Living with the Disease

Role Models and Wishes

More Awareness for Pulmonary Hypertension

To learn more about Maleen's unusual journey with pulmonary hypertension read her book As If There Were No Tomorrow available as an e-book on, the Apple Store and Barnes and Noble for $9.99.  The net earnings will be donated to help PH associations with their work.

Videos courtesy of PHA Europe.